August 2nd, 2004 - The PennyStock Report 
Trading Alert 

XLPI -- Xcelplus Announces 3 for 1 Stock Split

The stock is SET to explode on 2nd of August - As you know each time a company announce
stock split there is HUGE interest and buying from all over the place.. so watch XLPI 
on Monday!!!

Current Price : $0.40
3-5 Days target: $0.89
2 Weeks Target: $1.02

Look at XLPI's stock Chart and you will love it. XLPI was stable for 2 months now and 
there is no insiders selling ...unloading tons of stock
which means that they must realize their stock is worth more than $40-50 cents..

XLPI -- Xcelplus Announces 3 for 1 Stock Split _ HUGE GROND BREAKING NEWS
Before we start with the profile of XLPI we would like to mention something very 
XLPI SHARES. Especially after the incredible news!!!


XcelPlus is a specialty chemicals and lubricants distributor. We provide solutions to 
every day problems people encounter on the job, in their cars, homes as well as in the 
air. The formulas we provide have been around since the 1970's and have been 
documented as well as proven over the years in countless applications. They have been 
marketed under various private labels; Lubrilon, Slick 50 (1978-1984), Matrix, 
Camtron, Z-Bond as well as others. You may not recognize the formulas but you may 
remember some of these names.  **The formulas these companies may use today are not 
the formulas they were originally supplied with. 

Aircraft engines have kept running even after they ran out of oil.  This has happened 
in countless numbers of automobiles as well over the years some times even 
intentionally. Transmissions have been enabled to perform better, racers have 
discovered us as well including some internationally known racers. 

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