Dirty Trick
All the dirty words you knew existed, but didn't know where to find.

How to Cuss in "Brazilian"

Hold your horses. Don't tell you haven't been warned. You are entering
real-life territory. These are words that Americans and Brazilians use in
their everyday conversation, but that most dictionaries and the so-called
family press can never find space to print them. This is not an article for
polite company. If you don't want to get burned please keep off the locker
room, the ladies room, the bedroom, the kitchen and of these next few lines.
Tetsuo Berozu

The late Carlos Lacerda, a journalist and former Governor of Guanabara (Rio
de Janeiro) State, noted that "Brazil is the only country in the world
where practically every word is a cuss word- even mother." Is this true?
What do the European Portuguese say about this defilement of the "Latium's
flower," Camões harmonious and sonorous language?
It's said that one of the reasons why "Lawrence of Arabia" of history and
legend gained such popularity among the Arabs was his ability to curse in
Arabic for half-hour or more, without repeating himself.
Discussing this point with Brazilian friends, I never could arrive at a
conclusion. What do you think, gentle reader? One of my friends, who shall
remain anonymous, used to be in his salad days identified as being the
foulest-mouthed among his newsroom colleagues. About ten years ago, hired
to work as a press officer and spokesman for news in Portuguese, he gave a
demonstration of his abilities when, fed up with the "senseless
obstruction" of a Navy officer promoted to Cerberus of an international
conference, gave him a dirty piece of his mind in a shouting match.
His point was that he could prove the legitimacy of his presence with an
official letter of the organization, and his passport. These were the
elements on which his formal I.D. was based, but the I.D. itself was
inside, and the officer would not send for it, call anybody from the
office, or allow my friend to pick it up himself. The loud exchange caused
everybody present to giggle, including female policewomen in uniform, who
were not supposed to concur with such low-level attack on authority.
Among the idlers present was a local reporter searching for something to
write about on the eve of the economic meeting. So he wrote the story and
called the perpetrator "El Viejito de la Puteada" (the little cussing old
man). Seemingly, the story was widely read, making our thus identified
friend famous for one day or two.
He discovered that when he went to make an international call at the Phone
Center. Instead of a long wait-there were scores of would-be callers for
half a dozen booths-the little old man was ushered into the first vacant
cabin. Then, when he took a cab to go to his hotel, the fun-loving driver,
engaged him in conversation and having talked at length with his fare, gave
him a free ride: "Here, today, your fare is on me. "
Taking a young, attractive secretary to dinner in the ancient, de luxe,
5-star rated restaurant in the Old Town, and facing a half-hour wait, the
viejito pulled his ace: "No table? Not even for the Viejito de la Puteada?"
He and his ward got a table right away, and in a good spot.
The last, but not least blessing was to discover, three days later, that
his charm still held. Told that there was very little chance for getting
onto a much-sought-for flight, he went to the airline manager and said the
buzzword. He was rewarded with a bear hug from the man, and in exchange for
his autograph, a window seat in the desired aircraft.
Some of his terms are included in the following mini-glossary of vulgar and
unconventional Brazilian words and expressions.


Contributions to a
glossary of Brazilian
"unconventional words"

Amancebado/a, m/f [joined together] — unwed but living together
Amasiado/a, m/f - same as amancebado
Amigado/a, m/f — same as amancebado
Amigar, v [to make friends] — to shack up
Babaca, f/m — cunt, stupid person
Bagos, m. plural [grapes] — balls; berries; bucks; drops of sweat
Balls, f. plural [balls] — testicles
Barca da Cantareira, f [Rio's bay ferry] — bisexual
Barraco, m — a riot, an ugly scene
Bicha, m [worm, line] — gay, fag
Bode, m [he-goat] — oversexed man
Bolha, m [bubble] — extra insufferable person
Bosta, f [shit] — excrement; cheap thing; botched job; disappointment; gizmo
Bouché, m [mouthful] — fellatio; oral sex on male
Brocha, f [brush] — impotent man
Brochar, v — fail to have a hard-on
Boceta, buceta, f [box] — vulva, cunt
Boiola, m — gay, homosexual man
Buço, m — lip fuzz, down; incipient pubic hair
Bruto, m (brute) the male sex organ
Bunda, f — ass; asshole; cheap item ("Ele me deu uma gravata bunda" = He
gave me a cheap tie)
bunda, levar na, v — to be sodomized
bunda, pôr na, v — to sodomize
bunda, tomar na, v — to be sodomized
Bundudo/a, m/f — person with a big derrière
Buraco, m — hole (cunt, anus, etc)
Caceta, f — the penis. (a strange psychological phenomenon to attribute to
the penis the female gender)
Cacete, m — (a stick, a club) — the penis. See previous entry.
Cabaço, m [cherry] — hymen, virginity
cabaço, tirar o — to ravish
Cagada, f — a failure, a bad job, a disaster ("O casamento de Pat foi uma
cagada" = Pat's marriage was a disaster)
Cagado/a, adj — shitted on; smeared with shit; humiliated
Cagar, v [to shit] — to defecate; to botch a job; to do badly
Caralhal, adj — very good; excellent ("Foi uma festa caralhal" = It was a
great party)
Caralho, m [penis] — dick, prick Also used as an expletive ("Caralho, bati
o carro" = Oh, fuck, I crashed the car
Casa, f [house] — in expressions such as "na casa do caralho" "na casa do
catso" = in a remote place; brothel
Caramba! Expletive — used when "caralho" is thought to be too strong. Also
used in the expression "pra caramba!" = "pra caralho" = a great deal, much
too much
Catso, m — penis, cock. Used in questions such as: "O que é este catso?" =
What the shit is this? "Para que serve este catso?" = What the hell is this
good for?"
Chatear, v — to annoy, to hassle
Chato, m [flat] — pubic louse, crab
Chato/a, m/f -annoying, importune, insufferable person — adj. — boring,
soporific; annoying
Chico, m [a nickname for Francisco] — menstruation ("Alva está com o chico
= Alva is menstruated)
Chico in the expression: "até o chico vir debaixo" = for a long time
Chifre, m [horn] — what a cuckold is supposed to sport
Chifrudo/a, m/f — a cuckold man/woman
Choto, m — same as caralho, pica
Chupada, f [a sucking] — to suck lips or a sex organ
Chupar, v [to suck] — to practice oral sex
Chuparinho, f [sucker] — addicted to cunnilingus
Coco, m/f [coconut] — prostitute; bimbo
Cocô, m — poo, shit (baby talk)
cocô, fazer, coll — to poo, to shit
Coisa, f/m [thing] — sex organ — "Seu coisa" = John Doe
Coisinha, f [little thing] — vulva, pussy
Comer, v [to eat] — to have sex with
Comida, f/m [eaten] — easy woman; bimbo; prostitute (also applicable to males)
Corrimento, m [flow] — flow of menses; clap secretion
Cona, f [cunt] — vernacular terms
Cricri, m/f — "the crab's crab"; greatly insufferable person
Cripentolha, m/f — the very tops in insufferability
Cu, m [anus] — asshole; an unpleasant person, site, event, or act
cu, pôr no — see Bunda
cu, tomar no — see Bunda
Cucaracha, f [cockroach] — Spanish-American person
Cu da mãe, coll [mother's ass] — an undefined place, anywhere ("Onde ponho
isto? Põe no cu da mãe" = "Where do I put this. Put it in the mother's ass."
Cu da perua, coll [the female turkey's ass] — a very far place ("Em
Brasília, tudo fica no cu da perua" = In Brasília everything is miles away)
Culhão, m [testicle] — ball; courage, valor; chutzpah
Culhões, m plural [testicles] — in expressions signifying manliness,
leadership, extreme courage. Even in sentences such as "Margarida é uma
mulher de culhão/culhões" = Margarida is a lady with balls. Also used
negatively: "Esse calhorda nao tem culhões" = This scoundrel's got no
balls, no shame, no stand, no backbone
Curra, f — a forcible group sex act (the victim may be either male or female)
Currar, v — to commit "curra"
Currada/o, f/m — the victim of a curra
Dar, v [to give] — to yield to a sex call
Deflorar, v [to deflower] — to take a female's virginity
Descabaçar, v — same as deflorar
Enchedor de saco, coll [bag filler] — a pain-in-the-ass person
Encher, v [to fill] — to annoy; hassle; importune
Enchimento, m [padding] — the action of "encher" (q.v.)
Enrabar, v [to sodomize] — to have anal sex with; to destroy a person, a
company, an entity financially/morally/ professionally
Entesar, v [to stiffen] — to have a hard- on; to have "tesão" (q.v.); to
reprimand someone; to tease endlessly
Entrar em, v [to enter] — to penetrate sexually
Entrar, v [to enter] — penetrate sexually
Fazer, v [to make, to do] used in expressions such "fazer minette", "fazer
pipi" "fazer cocô" etc. São Paulo streetwalkers use to entice customers
with the call "vam' fazer neném?" = Shall we make a baby?
Fiofó, m — same as Bunda, Cu
Foda, f [a fuck] — the sex act; intercourse; a problem ("Este garoto é uma
foda" = This boy is a problem); bad
happening ("A viagem a Nova Iorque foi uma foda" = The trip to New York was
a bust); bad premonition ("Se meu time perder é foda" = If my team loses,
it is a disaster
Fodedor/a, m/f — a person with the reputation of a sexual athlete. Also
somebody who teases a lot
Foder, v [to fuck] — to have intercourse; to defeat ("Precisamos foder os
cor-de-rosa" = We must defeat the Pinkies); to ruin ("O patrão está
querendo foder a gente" = The boss is trying to fuck us)
Foder-se, v [to fuck oneself] — practically the connotations as in English
Fodido/a, m/f [fucked] — defeated, sick, depressed
Fudido — same as Fodido
Galinha, f [hen] — oversexed or promiscuous female ("Tomar por onde a
galinha toma" = To get it the way chickens do)
Garanhão, m — stud
Gilete, m/f — bisexual
Gonorréia, f — gonorrhea, clap
Gonorréia de gancho — hard to cure clap
Gostosa, f [tasty] — sex pot
Grelo, grelinho m [sprout, little sprout] — clitoris, clit
Machão, m — super stud; very macho
Machona, f [virago] — lesbian
Mãe, f [mother] — often used offensively to imply or attribute immoral
actions to the mother of the person one is
talking to
Mané, m — a clumsy fellow; an awkward lover.
Manzapo, m — penis, dick, prick
Marmita, f [marmite] — a train, subway, bus or streetcar patronized by many
Marica, maricas, m/f — effeminate, gay
Mata, f [copse] — a thick pubic hair grow
Merda, f/m [shit] — excrement, shit ("Fulano é um merda" = So and so is a
merda, vai à — piss off
Merdoso/a, adj — shitty
Mijar, v — to pee
fora do pinico, mijar [to pee outside the pisspot] — to miss the target; to
hit the wrong target; to say the wrong thing; to speak out of turn
Minette, minete, m [cunnilingus] oral sex on female
Mingau, m [goo, goop] — sperm
Ovos, m plural [eggs] — testicles
Paca, adv — [contraction for "pra caralho"] — very much, a great deal, much
too much ("O Silva ganhou dinheiro paca" = Silva made oodles of money)
Paquete, m [monthly ship] — menses
Pau, m [stick, wood] — penis, prick, dick
pau, falar ao = to attract; to draw attention
Pedê, m — a pederast; a pedophile
Pensão, f [boarding house] — brothel, whorehouse
Peripatética, f — street walker
Pentelho, m — pubic hair, bush; extra insufferable person; "super chato"
Pica, f — penis, dick, wiener
Piça or pissa, f — same as pica
Piroca, m/f [bald] — same as pica
Porra, m/f — [club, truncheon) sperm; unworthy person;
("Tony não passa de um porra" = Tony is nothing but a good for nothing);
undefined thing ("Que porra é essa?" = What the fuck is this?)
Porra louca, coll [crazy sperm) — crazy, space cadet, loony
Puta, f [whore] — prostitute. Also used in the sense of big or brutal
"Ontem caiu uma puta chuva" = Yesterday we had a heavy rain
puta, filho da [son of a whore] — son of a bitch. Also used as a term of
praise or admiration: "O Senhor Germano é um industrial filho da puta = Mr.
Germano is a tremendous industrialist
Putamerda, expl — O, big shit!
Quenga, f — prostitute, low class whore
Quermesse, f [charitable festival] — high-class group sex
Rabo, m [tail] — derrière, butt
Rameira, f — prostitute, whore
Rapidinha, f — a quickie
Rosquinha, f — a tight cunt
Sacana, n/f — scoundrel, unreliable; given to sex deviations; immoral
Sacanear, v — to tease maliciously; to importune
Saco, m [bag] — scrotum
saco, encher o — to harass, hassle
saco, puxar o saco — to flatter obsequiously; to admire in excess; to brown
nose; to praise in excess (in this sense the "bag" is the collection bag in
Safado/a, m/f — smarty, shameless (a bit milder than sacana)
Sapatão, m/f [big shoe] — dyke, butch
Sapatinha, f — a young lesbian or bisexual
Semi-virgem, f [demi-virgin] — a female who doesn't do it all the way
Siririca, f — female masturbation, finger-fucking
Suruba, f — multiple sex party
Tara, f — sex mania, sex obsession, sex deviation, psychological flaw
Tarado/a, m/f - sex maniac; pedophile, addicted to kinky sex. Also
excessively found of ("Sou tarado por manga = I am crazy for mango) May be
applied to persons, animals, sports, hobbies, etc.
Tarraqueta, f — cunt, anus
Tesão, m/f — hard-on, excitement, attraction for. Also in expressions such
as: "Não tenho tesão para meu emprego = I don't particularly like my job;
"Viagem noturna de ônibus não me dá tesão" = I have no pleasure in riding
an overnight bus. Or: "Surfar em Ipanema é um tesão só" = To surf in
Ipanema is solid pleasure
Transa, f — a sexual act
Transar, v — to perform a sexual act
Transinha, f — same as Rapidinha
Trepada, f — a sexual act
Trepar, v — to perform a sexual act. Note: neither transar nor trepar have
the same dark negative meanings of foder (to fuck)
Tricô e crochê, coll [knit and crochet] — to practice alternatively vaginal
and anal sex in the same session
Vaca, f [cow] — whore, bitch ("Aquela vaca tomou toda minha grana" = "That
bitch took all my dough")
Vai-vem coll [comes/goes] — in such sentences as "Eles estavam fazendo
vai-vem" = They were doing push-pull; "Nós dois estávamos num vai-vém
ferrado" = The two of us were on a robust push-pull
Veado, m [deer] — usually pronounced and written Viado — faggot, gay,
homosexual man
Vergonhas, f plural [shameful things] — the sex organs
Vinte e quatro [number 24] — same as Veado. It comes from the popular
animal lottery in which the deer is represented by number 24
Vuco-vuco, m — disorder, disarray (A cama tinha virado um vuco-vuco" = The
bed turned into a battlefield

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