Issue 63: JSlider fails to render knob icon under Intel Macs in Java 1.5

New issue report by [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Run TestPSwingJSlider (attached below) on an Intel Mac OS 10.5 in Java  

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

  * This program demonstrates a bug with using a JSlider with PSwing.
  * This problem seems to occur only on newer Intel Macs running OS 10.5
  * and Java 1.5.  (This program was written on Mac OS 10.5.3 with Java
  * <p>
  * If the JSlider is inside a JPanel, and the JPanel is wrapped by a PSwing,
  * then the JSlider's knob doesn't render properly.  The rendering is
  * unacceptable when the JPanel has a titled border, and just a little off
  * if the JPanel has no titled border.
  * <p>
  * This program creates 3 instances of the JPanel. Two of them are wrapper
  * with PSwing (one with a titled border, or without), while the third is
  * rendered entirely via Swing. It also creates a slider that is not
  * contained in a JPanel, but is wrapped by a PSwing directly.
  * This demonstrates what the JSlider should look like.
  * @author Chris Malley ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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