M. Rohrmoser wrote:

> I'm currently thinking about how to do graphics with an performant,
> easy-to-use and moderately platform neutral way.
> Maybe it's time to drop the java2d layer and target OpenGL directly?
> OpenGL seems to be widely available - and JOGL even is integrated with
> JDK 1.6.
> But a simple scenegraph API is highly desireable - and P2D is the
> simplest I've seen so far.
> And which is the best candidate for the underlying renderer? OpenGL?
> OpenGL ES? Is there such a thing as JOGL-ES? OpenVG sadly seems to be
> irrelevant (no implementations available).
> The longer I think about it, the more I'd love to see a SVG-IO enabled,
> OpenGL (ES) backed, /simple/ 2D scenegraph API.
> Or is in times of 3D-, shadow- and highlighting-effects on buttons etc.
> OpenGL the inevitable choice anyhow? But I don't like the idea to use
> blender for GUI design - I'd very much prefer a SVG editor like inkscape.
> What do you think about that? Is it sensible to push P2D in that direction?
>        M
> P.S.: I had a brief look into some APIs but didn't see something as
> simple as P2D. Check out those Webstart demos:
> http://slick.cokeandcode.com/static.php?page=demos
> http://slick.cokeandcode.com/thingle/
> http://www.fenggui.org/doku.php#misc
> http://www.lwjgl.org/demos.php
> http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/movies_demos.php
> https://jogl-demos.dev.java.net/

Let me add Processing to this list


They have multiple implementations of their PGraphics API.  I wrote a
hack to use Piccolo2D in Processing, but it requires using the Java2D
implementation of PGraphics.  It would be nice to have a portable
version of Piccolo2D's scenegraph.


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