Comment #2 on issue 74 by jfuerth: Memory leak with PSwingRepaintManager

I don't normally use weak references in my own programming, and I'm not  
attached to the fix we've submitted. Here's what I can say in its defense:

1. It works :)

2. The swingWrappers list in the PSwingRepaintManager is basically a cache  
of live,
reachable swing wrappers that have been encountered before. Because those  
(live, reachable) match weak references exactly, no other solution will  
work better.
A correctly implemented alternative solution could be just as effective,  
but it will
involve adding more lines of code to PSwing.

So, you'll get no killer arguments from me. As long as the fix is 100%  
effective, and
released soon, I'll be happy!

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