Comment #5 on issue 16 by lionel.victor: Support non-rectangular zooming of  
PCameras on nodes

As I understand the above code, this would set a different scale on the X  
and Y axis.

Then (unless I misunderstood the code) I completely agree that this should  
be done in
an extra method, leaving the existing method in place because it  
dramatically changes
its behaviour (and would surely break some existing client code).

In addition, I may suggest to add other setScaleX() and setScaleY() methods  
in most
components that can be scaled...
At the moment, only setScale(double) is available... sometimes  
double) can be used... But having convenience method that only set the  
scale on one
particular axis could be fine...

I have written the code already for some nodes, I can provide support/diff  
to help
supporting "non isomorphic" scaling.

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