Comment #8 on issue 72 by allain.lalonde: PSelectionEventHandler grip  
points do not scale with zoom

As per my conversation with Marcus two approaches to solving this problem:

1. adding setMinimumScale, and setMaximumScale to the handles
2. introducing a handle factory so that developers can register their own  
handle implementations

Personally I go with #1 since I think it's the simplest change that could  

Marcus sees #2 as the best because he likes the idea of maximum flexibility.

I agree with Marcus' view of it, but I think introducing factories is  
something that
shouldn't be introduced until 2.0 as I see it as a significant enough  
change to
warrant some deep infrastructure changes piccolo wide. Users should be able  
to plug
in their own PCamera implemtnations, PLayer, etc for use when using  
PCanvas, etc.
(obvious just my 2 cents)

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