Status: Accepted
Owner: allain.lalonde
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium Effort-Medium  
Toolkit-Piccolo2D.Java Component-Core Milestone-1.3 Usability

New issue 111 by allain.lalonde: Piccolo is missing HTML support

Except when using PSwing Piccolo doesn't have a method for creating nodes
that display HTML.  That's too bad since HTML is a language that most
developers know and when it's compared to using PStyledText, it's trivial
to style.

Sam Reid posted some excellent code here:
q=HTMLNode+piccolo#6cf577a995557268 that we should use as a starting point.

When compared to a PText node PHtml will render slower, but when compared
to PStyledText, I think they'd be comparable.

I've created a branch called phtml where I'll be expanding the code posted
by Sam.

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