Comment #7 on issue 120 by dave.jarvis: ant all fails to build all of  

1. Don't Repeat Yourself. build.xml, build.bat, architecturally do  
the same
thing. Allain's patch means you can now simplify the build instructions:  
type "ant
all" and it just works (on Unix, Mac, or Windows). You can now delete the  
shell scripts.
2. It is consistent with other major Java libraries.
3. Do not force a specific development environment to use the library. I use
JDeveloper, vi, and ant (or javac). Users have not the time to install and  
learn Yet
Another IDE. They would sooner switch to a different graphing tool that (a)  
out of the box; (b) is not tightly coupled to a specific IDE.

By analogy, it is like writing an IE-only website, effectively limiting the  
number of
people who can peruse it, without an outwardly justifiable reason. (That is  
to say,
since other people can write websites that work with any browser, why don't  

If Piccolo2D was intended to be a full-fledged application, then I could  
see the
value of binding it to Eclipse (to leverage SWT integration, for example).  
Piccolo2D is intended to be a complete library for inclusion in other  
then binding it to a specific IDE is a strategic error.

As an aside, I am researching a number of libraries to use for an  
application I am
writing. One criteria I used to judge a library is how long it takes to run  
example. Piccolo2D did not compile out-of-the-box, which immediately  
disqualified it.
I do not have the time to figure out what various tricks, dependencies must  
downloaded, sripts, documents, and dragons I need to tame before I can  
build a third-party library.

prefuse compiled immediately. I had a demo running within JDeveloper in  
less than 15
minutes. That's classy. And that's the point.

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