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New issue 124 by heuermh: Add additional constructors to PSWTImage

Old post to piccolo-dev, referred to in Issue 43.

From: Fabio Zadrozny
Date: Thu Apr 13 10:12:12 EDT 2006

  Sure, thanks... And while we are at it, there is another 'dispose' related
thing I wanted to request... It's not a bug, but a feature-request I find
important... I'm doing an Eclipse plugin, and I manage all the Images and
dispose them carefully (and share it among lot's of objects), so, I've added
the following constructors to PSWTImage, which I think should be in the
'default' distribution, as I think that's pretty common when using SWT
(sharing an image through several objects).




     public PSWTImage(PSWTCanvas canvas) {
         this(canvas, true);

     public PSWTImage(PSWTCanvas canvas, final boolean disposeImage) {

         this.canvas         canvas.addDisposeListener(new DisposeListener()  
             public void widgetDisposed(DisposeEvent de) {
                 if (image !                    image.dispose();

     public PSWTImage(PSWTCanvas canvas, Image newImage) {
         this(canvas, newImage, true);

     public PSWTImage(PSWTCanvas canvas, Image newImage, boolean
disposeImage) {
         this(canvas, disposeImage);

     public PSWTImage(PSWTCanvas canvas, String fileName) {
         this(canvas, fileName, true);

     public PSWTImage(PSWTCanvas canvas, String fileName, boolean
disposeImage) {
         this(canvas, disposeImage);

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