Status: Accepted
Owner: allain.lalonde
Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium Effort-Low OpSys-All  
Toolkit-Piccolo2D.Java Component-Extras Milestone-1.3

New issue 136 by allain.lalonde: PNotificationCenter is a singleton but  
isn't declared as final

Regardless of whether you think singleton's are evil, PNotificationCenter is
one. It's constructor is private, it has an singleton accessor, and it even
calls itself a singleton.

It does not declare itself as final however so that anyone wishing to create
multiple instances of it can do so easily by subclassing it.

This is another one of those binary incompatibilities I'd be game for since
the clients it would break would be using it in a way that Piccolo clearly
went out of its way to allow in the first place.


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