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Comment #7 on issue 144 by re...@colorado.edu: Updates for PSwing

Thanks for applying this patch and beautifying it.  I noticed that you  
removed a
method computeBounds() and privatized another method  
ComputeBounds() was currently just calling reshape() (though this  
might change in the future), but reshape() is currently package visible  
only.  So
could you add back computeBounds() or make reshape() public?  You could  
also rename
computeBounds()->updateBounds() if you like.

The long term solution to the componentHierarchyChanged() is to internally  
listeners to the PSwing's jcomponent swing tree and listen for  
componentAdded, etc.
so that new components can have their double buffering disabled.  Right  
now, we're
only using this functionality in one of our projects, and I'm happy to  
write a fix in
the client code if you think this method should be omitted from PSwing (it  
would be a
shame to put it in for 1.3 just to deprecate it for 1.3.0_01.)

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