Hello Chris,

Welcome!  Just a few things to note about our development process,
which may or may not be described on the wiki somewhere:

 - Try to commit work against some open issue.  We're all guilty of
not following this sometimes, especially for e.g. checkstyle-related

 - When you create a new Issue, leave it as New and without an owner
for a little while to allow for comment before assigning it to
yourself, moving it to Accepted, assigning a Milestone, etc.

 - Include the Issue # in your svn commit message, e.g.

$ svn commit -m "Issue 123 ; fixed blah blah..."

 - Include the Revision # (either "revision 123" or "r123") as a
comment in the Issue when you commit a fix against an issue.  This
allows a reviewer to quickly find the diff and start the code review
process if necessary.  I usually just cut n' paste the svn commit
command that gives you the "Committed revision 123" note at the

 - Fixed issues should be moved to Verified by either the original
submitter or a developer other than the committer of the fix.

 - Revolutionary changes should happen on a branch first.

 - We don't vote on things very often, it's more proceed until veto.

I'm sure the other devs will chime in if I missed or mis-represented
anything.  :)


On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 7:21 PM, cmal...@pixelzoom.com
<cmal...@pixelzoom.com> wrote:
> Thanks Sam, glad to be aboard, looking for to more Piccolo use and
> contribution.
> If anyone is interested in my background, see www.pixelzoom.com.  My
> company is named PixelZoom, after the overloaded and misunderstood
> OpenGL function, which is how I often feel ;-)
> Chris
> On Oct 30, 6:13 pm, Samuel Robert Reid <re...@colorado.edu> wrote:
>> I'd like to introduce our newest team member, Chris Malley.  I've been
>> working with him for over 5 years now on piccolo-based science eduction
>> projects athttp://phet.colorado.edu/, and he's provided several key bug
>> reports and patches for Piccolo.  He also has an excellent sense of user
>> interface design, and a great understanding of Piccolo's API and
>> implementation.  So welcome aboard, Chris!
>> Sam Reid

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