Thanks for being so responsive Allain!

Unfortunately this change did not correct the problem.  And it's
actually unnecessary, since JComponent.setVisible is already a no-op
if the visibility isn't changing.

To clarify... I'm not seeing a stack overflow, but a continuous
toggling between visible and invisible.   And I'm still trying to
reproduce the problem in a simple example.


On Jan 28, 8:05 am, wrote:
> Revision: 962
> Author: allain.lalonde
> Date: Thu Jan 28 07:04:37 2010
> Log: Made PSwing.setVisible lazily call its component's setVisible method  
> depending on its current visibility. This should stop the stack overflow  
> being experienced by Chris Malley. Since I have been unable to reproduce  
> it, I can't test it.

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