I can't seem to reproduce this in a simple example.  But in one of our
applications, I see an endless series of calls to the
ComponentListener that is added in PSwing's constructor.  The calls
alternate between componentShown and componentHidden.  And there is
nothing in the application code that appears to be triggering this, it
keeps feeding back through PSwing.setVisible.

So rather than continue to chase my tail on this, I'd like to discuss
the motivation for adding this ComponentListener.  What purpose is it
serving? It seems unnecessary.  And undesirable - should client code
be able to call setVisible on a Component?  And both this
ComponentListener and the override of PSwing.setVisibile seem a little
dangerous, given how the entire Swing approach works by parenting
JComponents to PSwingCanvas.ChildWrapper.

Also note that an additional ComponentListener is added in
PSwing.initializeComponent, could this be creating problems, depending
on the call order? It seems like there is component initialization
going on in the constructor that should really be in

Thoughts anyone?...


On Jan 28, 3:46 pm, "cmal...@pixelzoom.com" <cmal...@pixelzoom.com>
> Thanks for being so responsive Allain!
> Unfortunately this change did not correct the problem.  And it's
> actually unnecessary, since JComponent.setVisible is already a no-op
> if the visibility isn't changing.
> To clarify... I'm not seeing a stack overflow, but a continuous
> toggling between visible and invisible.   And I'm still trying to
> reproduce the problem in a simple example.
> Chris
> On Jan 28, 8:05 am, piccol...@googlecode.com wrote:> Revision: 962
> > Author: allain.lalonde
> > Date: Thu Jan 28 07:04:37 2010
> > Log: Made PSwing.setVisible lazily call its component's setVisible method  
> > depending on its current visibility. This should stop the stack overflow  
> > being experienced by Chris Malley. Since I have been unable to reproduce  
> > it, I can't test it.http://code.google.com/p/piccolo2d/source/detail?r=962
> [snip]

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