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New issue 159 by events not delivered to PSwing Components for some transforms

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Run the attached example (DebugPSwingExtremeScaling) with Piccolo2D 1.3 rc1.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

The radio buttons in the example should be functional, and a message should
be printed to System.out when a button is selected.  Instead, the buttons
are unresponsibe.

Additional information:

This example works fine with our SVN snapshot (r390), but not with
Piccolo2D 1.3 rc1.  I suspect that something changed related to the
precision of transforms or picking, but I don't know these areas of Piccolo
well enough to isolate further.

Finally... I realize that such extreme transforms are probably atypical.
But this is not a hypothetical example, something similar to this was done
in an actual PhET application, so this is a breaking change.

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