An update on where we're at with the PSwing issues...

Issue 158 was resolved by Allain last week, and fixed a couple of our

Issue 159 was opened a few minutes ago, and is related to PSwing
transform/picking problems.

I am still investigating one additional issue, where a PSwing
Component is receiving an endless series of events that toggle its
visibility on and off.  As soon as I isolate, I'll create an issue.

That summarizes all of the problems we've encountered with 1.3-rc1.


On Jan 28, 12:29 pm, Michael Heuer <> wrote:
> The following people voted on release 1.3rc1:
> Michael Heuer +1
> Allain Lalonde +1
> Chris Malley -1
> The vote failed since it did not receive at least three +1 binding
> votes and no -1 binding votes.
> New issues related to PSwing were discovered and are being addressed.
> Another release candidate (1.3rc2) will be created when these issues
> are closed and validated.
> On behalf of the Piccolo2D developers,
>    michael

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