Well, apparently we (PhET) didn't have as much consensus as I thought.
I should have waited to comment until we had more internal discussion.

The new feeling is that we rely heavily on PSwing, and 163 is
therefore pretty important.  We've seen it cause serious problems in
at least one application, and a quick review of code shows that there
are other places where we're surprised it hasn't been a problem (and
maybe it is a problem in other languages, since our applications are
localized for > 40 locales.)   Since a fix has been verified, it makes
sense to get it into 1.3, so we don't have to immediately diverge from
1.3.   Our internal patches should be for fixing problems found
*after* 1.3 is released, not before.  And we shouldn't count on 163
getting into a 1.3.x release, because we don't know when/if that will

So I'm going to change my vote (on behalf of PhET) to oppose 1.3-
rc4.   Here it is:

[ ] +1  I support this release
[ ] +0
[ ] -0
[X] -1  I oppose this release because of issue 163.

On Feb 26, 4:50 pm, "cmal...@pixelzoom.com" <cmal...@pixelzoom.com>
> My client (PhET) uses PSwing quite heavily.
> But I'm not going to -1 in order to get the 163 fix, for 3 reasons:
> (1) The consensus within PhET is that we're comfortable with patching
> our 1.3 copy to resolve 163.
> (2) Imho PSwing needs an internal overhaul, to bring the code up to
> the standards of Piccolo. Poor name choices is my biggest beef,
> luckily with private stuff.
> (3) There are additional PSwing issues that need to be resolved.  We
> have not yet reported these, but are tracking them internally.  The
> big 2 issues are focus traversal and memory leaks when PSwings are
> removed from the scenegraph.
> Chris
> On Feb 26, 4:16 pm, Michael Heuer <heue...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Michael Heuer wrote:
> > > Vote will close at 12:00 GMT Friday 26 February 2010.
> > I would like to extend to vote deadline until Monday 01 March 2010 to
> > allow for feedback on recently fixed issues 163 and 165.
> > The current vote would pass as it stands and the fixes for those
> > issues would not be released until a later version.
> >    michael

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