What I am trying to do is create a viewer in the background I.e a
moveable zoomable layer and have a "hud" which does not move which
a tree.

The code I have tried just now based upon what you have suggested is

PLayer pl = new PLayer();
final JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane();
jsp.setViewportView(new JTree());
jsp.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(190, 190));
final PSwing ps = new PSwing(jsp);
return pl;

What I do is create the layer and add it to the camera as a child
so that it is a "sticky" layer. I set the layer to be visible when a
button is pressed. All I get is the outline for the scrollpane with no
inside. I have tried adding it directly as a node instead of a layer
to the camera with the same result.

Even when I add the following:
I do not get scroll bars!!!

When I add the same code to a layer which is not a sticky layer ie is
zoomable the tree appears. when I zoom out it just goes to an outline
when I zoom in I then get the mutliple repaints. I am doing all this
in a class that extends PSwingCanvas. I am not doing any special
I have tried adapting the pswingexample2 so that it adds the same
thing as a
sticky but I get exactly the same result. I guess it is just not
possible to
have a swing tree as a sticky - which is a real shame. I had posted
this on the users group... but i guess I am either missing something
really obvious or it is a bug. Can anyone point me in the right
direction? either for what I am not doing right or bug fixing/
workaround fixing??

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