Banang wrote:

> My company has recently started a project where we hope to use Piccolo
> to show and manipulate graphs through a web interface. Our systems are
> built using GWT, which meant that the JavaScript implementation of
> Piccolo was of great interest to us.
> Last week I built a small port for parts of this implementation to
> GWT, which basically enables the user to implement all the examples on
> this page using
> GWT. The implementation is still very sparse, and does not cover the
> entirety of the JavaScript implementation.
> My company is interested in open sourcing what we now have in the
> hopes that other people might benefit from (and contribute to) it as
> well. Therefore, I thought I'd ask what I need to do in order to get
> the code into your repository. I've read the hacker's guide, but since
> the project is already quite large (around 40 classes over 8
> packages), copy-pasting it here is really not an option.
> I am sorry if this is a face-palm-easy-and-obvious question, I have no
> experience with open source projects yet so I have yet to learn the
> ropes. If I've posted this to the completely wrong place, or in the
> completely wrong form, please let me know and I'll fix it.
> Thanks

It typically takes some time to gain commit access to an existing open
source project, we're not huge on process but that is the case here as

It might be best to host the code in some external repository for now,
on say Gitorious or SourceForge or Google Code.  Then you might submit
a pull request or patch back to this project.  Just make sure the
license of your project meets the conditions of the Piccolo2D license.


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