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Hello, my name is Kenneth Flynn, and I'm the president of Dark Corner Software. We have a set of applications based on Piccolo2D under Java SE that we are looking to port to Android. Rendering maps is a pretty hard problem, but we have a nice Piccolo based solution in the SE space; if we have Piccolo under Android, we should be able to migrate big chunks of our codebase over.

That said, I've spent about 8-12 hours seeing how this would work and I have HelloWorldExample (yeah, the most exciting I know), working under Android, including pinch to zoom, sliding, etc. This is all pretty raw, but with a few changes (bounds are specified left, top, right, bottom, instead of x, y, width, height; colors are just ints, Matrix instead of AffineTransform, etc.) things pretty much work reasonably.

If someone else has started on this and it's just going to be coming, we'll probably hold off on going crazy with it, but if no one else has time to work on this, we're willing to do so. I'd be happy to open source the code under the same licensing terms.

I can PM someone a test app if desired (watch Hello World grow and shrink before your very eyes!).

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