Comment #5 on issue 222 by Port Piccolo2D APIs to Android

The C# version of Piccolo2D has not had any contributors since it was moved to Google Code in 2008, so I would not recommend using that as a starting point.

My preference would be to refactor the 2.0/svn trunk core in a version 3.0* to remove dependencies to Java2D and Swing from the APIs.

Then modular implementations of the core might include Java2D + POffscreenCanvas, Java2D + AWT/Swing, SWT, native Processing, Android, JavaFX, etc.

It wouldn't be easy, but I think it would be preferable to several parallel implementations as we have now.

* or perhaps version 4.0, as 3.0 might just be 2.0 with JDK 1.6 as the minimum required JDK.

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