Hello Piccolo2D devs,

I would like to propose the following road map for fall 2012:

1.3.1 branch:

Verify issues Fixed for Milestone 1.3.2

Triage issues Accepted or Started for Milestone 1.3.2

Find a release manager for 1.3.2 release

Release 1.3.2

1.3 branch:

Leave at 1.4-SNAPSHOT for now

2.0 svn trunk:

Resolve minimum JDK requirement for version 2.0

Verify issues Fixed for Milestone 2.0

Triage issues Accepted or Started for Milestone 2.0

Triage issues in New status for inclusion in a version 2.0 beta

Find a release manager for 2.0-beta release

Release 2.0-beta


Create a new branch branches/3.0-spike and mirror on github

Set minimum JDK version to 1.6 or 1.7

Refactor jdk16 and jdk16-examples back to core and examples respectively


Create a new branch branches/4.0-spike and mirror on github

Refactor core APIs to have no dependencies on java.awt.* or javax.swing.*

Refactor core implementation classes into at least two new modules
(one Java2D plus POffscreenCanvas, one Java2D plus Swing (current
PCanvas & event support))

Spike on refactoring SWT, adding new Processing, Android modules

I'm willing to get started on 3.0 and 4.0 soon and will proceed unless
I hear otherwise.

Once the branches in SVN are created, committers please feel free to
jump in.  For contributors who are not (yet) committers, it would be
very helpful to have a read/write github mirror for those branches.  I
might need some help setting that up, please contact me offlist if you
can help.



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