Hello tanveerakl,

Thank you for the note.  I'll get that up on the Piccolo2D web page
this afternoon.


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Date: Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 7:38 AM
Subject: [piccolo2d-dev] ZoomTags: Piccolo2D-based Project (.NET Version)
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Piccolo2D developers,

I've built a Zoomable Tag-Cloud generating tool (C#):
http://www.tansharp.com/tag-cloud.aspx It accepts input from various
sources (as explained in the info-graphics on that page). Then it
generates beautiful Tag-Clouds with animation (thanks to
Piccolo2D.NET). If you are a Piccolo2D developer and would like a free
license, let me know.

I would also wish to add the project
link: http://www.tansharp.com/tag-cloud.aspx
Image: http://www.tansharp.com/images/tag-cloud/chemical.png
on your web-page: http://www.piccolo2d.org/applications/index.html
under 'Piccolo2D.NET Applications'

Best Regards,

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