Google Code will become read-only on August 25th and I guess it will remain so 
afterwards. That's little more than two weeks from now.


                      Friday, August 21st

I will change the entry page of to point to which we have to update to reflect the 
new hosting situation - what ever it may be.

As far as I see, there's NO LOSSLESS migration procedure yet. That's due to the 
non-standard svn directory layout (branches/tags/trunk per sub-projects pocketpiccolo each).

I wouldn't mind loosing all but java and the web content. So I may do an export 
to github of the java part only. Also I will not care about history nor issue 
tracker nor wiki pages if that takes extra effort. (I’m having trouble to 
transfer the issue tracker content for

If anybody (YOU!) wants to see a more comprehensive migration, please don't 
expect anybody else to do it for you. Step up and help. And quick, please.


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