Hi Heiko,

thank you for your interest, it’s very encouraging to get feedback.

Meanwhle I got some help and the transfer is already done, ready to fork after 
Aug 17th (time limit for appeal given to the other owners) at 

Am 11.08.2015 um 17:28 schrieb Heiko Haller <heiko.hal...@imapping.info>:

> What would happen, if we just used  https://code.google.com/export-to-github/ 
> ?

I did and got back garbage.

> Even if it would yield an uncommon directory structure, wouldn’t it be a good 
> enough way to preserve piccolo’s version history and issues?

No. A directory structure you can’t work with doesn’t make sense, not even as a 
container for the issues.

> For further use, we could still create new branches or simply a new ‘active’ 
> project, while leaving the import as an archive only.
> Unfortunately, I am not sufficiently proficient in git management to do this 
> on my own. But wouldn’t this be a rather easy alternative?

Easy yes, alternative no.


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