Dear Rose D,

I think there is a misconception - the case here is not about web content but 
whois data. Your funny abuse form just requires to choose from franky spoken 
limited options, so I chose just anything as you forced me to.

Did you read the textual part of my complaint? That was relevant.

So - we’re talking about domain registry stuff, not web content. So the web 
hosting provider doesn’t matter.

The whois record (I hope you know what that is) of states 

Sponsoring LLC (R1571-LROR)
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 931

and directly redirects to which obviously is part of which in turn points abuse questions to you,

If this looks like a lot of indirections to you - it does likewiese to me. At 
the end of the day you take money from the domain owner of for 
properly registering the domain and maintaining the required whois data.

And these mentioned whois data I do ask you to keep up to date which I consider 
your duty as the domain registrar of

If you are not the registrar I’d be happy if you can tell me who is.

        Marcus Rohrmoser

Am 24.08.2015 um 11:22 schrieb Abuse Support - Abuse Escalations 

> Dear Rohrmoser Marcus
> Thank you for contacting the Abuse Department.  We are committed to 
> assisting people in taking action against fraudulent activity.  The domain 
> name is not registered through Solutions/, the 
> website itself, which is separate from the domain name registration, is 
> hosted elsewhere and we have no control over the website or its content.
> Any issues regarding the content of the website will need to be addressed 
> directly to the owner of the site or to the web-hosting provider who should 
> be in a position to assist you with your concerns. 
> Solutions/ does not determine the legality of domain names registered  
> or transferred through our site. The person or organization applying for 
> registration is solely responsible for selecting and maintaining the 
> continued accuracy of the registration record.
> neither acts as arbiter nor provides resolution of 
> disputes between registrants and third party complaints arising out of the 
> registration or use of a domain name.
> To determine the web-hosting provider you can use a publicly available tool 
> such as
> This tool will give you the 
> resolving IP address, which can then be
> compared to the ( IP allocation database.  This 
> will give you the relevant information for the true hosting provider.
> With Respect, 
> Rose D
> Fraud and Abuse  Specialist
> 12808 Gran Bay Parkway| Jacksonville Fl. 32258
> Office: (404) 260-2594|Fax: (904) 527-7577

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