Hi Rand,

> if you only knew what capabilities
> mutt has for filtering - leaves Thunderbird far behind ;-)

I read this mailing list - as I do with all private stuff (saw my mail 
address?) - on my private notebook running under WinXP. (Only for this mail I'm 
using the GMX web interface, hope it doesn't send HTML). And there I don't use 
Thunderbird but some software called Forte Agent, a combined 
Mail-/Usenet-Offline-Client. This - commercial - software outsmarts Thunderbird 
in many ways as well. I have very complex filtering possibilities as well as a 
Bayes adaptive junk filter. One of the few pieces of software I'm using that 
isn't Open Source.

See, I'm not only good at OT stuff when in IRC ;-).

Greets, Uwe

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