On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 12:38:06PM +0200, Jon Kleiser wrote:
> I've stumbled across this: If I try to run (str "#"), then I get "EOF 
> Overrun". My questions then are
> 1) What does it mean?

Sorry, this is a known bug ;-)

'str' parses all tokens in the given string, and builds a list. If the
comment character is encountered, it tries to skip to the next
end-of-line character, but unfortunately there is none. The "EOF
Overrun" error is issued then, as the partially constructed list cannot
be closed.

> 2) Is it possible to catch this as an exception?

In general, picoLisp does not catch errors under program control (only
with the build-in error handler). Though there is the '*Rst' mechanism,
which allows in principle to restart a program depending on an error
message, it is not useful in this context.

However, I fixed this bug now.

(str "#") returns NIL, and (str "a b # c") returns (a b).

The fix is avaiable in the testing release.

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