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That was a quick fix! Thanks.


On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 12:38:06PM +0200, Jon Kleiser wrote:
 I've stumbled across this: If I try to run (str "#"), then I get "EOF
 Overrun". My questions then are

 1) What does it mean?

Sorry, this is a known bug ;-)

'str' parses all tokens in the given string, and builds a list. If the
comment character is encountered, it tries to skip to the next
end-of-line character, but unfortunately there is none. The "EOF
Overrun" error is issued then, as the partially constructed list cannot
be closed.

 2) Is it possible to catch this as an exception?

In general, picoLisp does not catch errors under program control (only
with the build-in error handler). Though there is the '*Rst' mechanism,
which allows in principle to restart a program depending on an error
message, it is not useful in this context.

However, I fixed this bug now.

(str "#") returns NIL, and (str "a b # c") returns (a b).

The fix is avaiable in the testing release.

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