Thanks for the reply.

Yes I do have a specific question:

The FAQ:
It is very easy to write C functions in Pico Lisp, either in the
kernel, as shared object libraries, or even inline in the Lisp code.

And the language Reference:

Symbols referring to a shared library contain a colon "lib:sym"

My Question is How do you do this interplay and what are it's limitations

* how do I embed C code in a picolisp file
* what do I do to call it.
* how are arguments and return values passed between the two languages
* is there tools for modifying c structs from inside pico lisp
* It's great that you can call functions from libraries but how do you
tell the interpreter that you want to access a library?

An example may be worth a thusand words, but I havn't been able to
find anything. What I'd eventually like to do is see if I can combine
Pico Lisp with SDL in some usable way.

2008/6/2 Alexander Burger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi Konrad,
> actually, your subscription *did* work already at a previous time.
> You were probably wondering why you did not see any messages. This is
> due to the fact that we currently have very little traffic on this
> mailing list. That's a pity, but nobody seems to have any questions.
> Can I help you in any way?
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