Hi Alex,

thank for your help.

> 'httpGate' is a kind of proxy, that maps standard HTTP ports to the
> ports of local application servers.

I tried httpGate and found that it makes apps significantly less
responsive compared to connecting directly via specific port.  Is that
expected behaviour?

I found that if I choose [New] in the example app/ and then do not
fill anything in the dialog and do not choose [Save], a new db object
is created even though it is possibly not valid (e.g. if +Need is
specified for some field).  This is due to the fact that the db object
is created before user choses [Save] in the dialog:

(gui '(+Button) ,"New" '(newUrl '(+A) '(f genKey 'f '+A)))

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Suppose I have two classes +A and +B with m-n relationship f:

(class +A)
(rel f (+List +Joint) f (+B))

(class +B)
(rel f (+List +Joint) f (+A))

What is the easiest way to display and edit the f field (link
instances of +A and +B together)?  I thought of something like
<select> with "multiple" attribute but what is the picolisp way
(reusing existing components)?

(gui '(+E/R ???) '(f : home obj) ???)


There is bin/psh mentioned in app dev manual.  How do I eval an
expression in the picolisp server it is attached to?  The repl seems
to be local but what if I want to change and inspect something in the
running server without stopping it?

Thanks a lot,


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