Hi Andrei,

> So I may redistribute PicoLisp along with commercial application in both  
> forms - binary for direct execution as shared library, and sources to  
> concern GPL. Am I right?

The critical point is what you mean with "shared library". If you want
to build an *.so file from the interpreter, and link it with other
libraries or executables, I believe it is not allowed by the GPL (it
would require the LGPL, I believe).

The normal use, however, writing applications in Lisp, is surely OK.
Then you can distribute the PicoLisp interpreter as you like, in binary
or source form (I'm not sure, but probly it is even sufficient to
provide the customer with a link where he can download the sources

If you write, however, a special function in C, and link it to the
interpreter, you'd have to supply the source to that function (but not
the rest of your application).

I hope this helps to make it more clear ;-)

- Alex

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