Hi Tomas,

> I have one more question: I started with one db file and now thinking
> about spliting it into more files.  How can I move some
> objects/relations to another db file?

Again, with "lib/too.l" ;-)

After changing the list in '*Dbs' (e.g. the 'dbs' call in "er.l"), you
can use 'dbfMigrate' for that. I did that for all old customers some
time ago.

If the old model uses a single db file, which is named like "db/xxx",
you need to move it to "db/xxx/1", to fit for the new pattern.

Start the application in single user mode, e.g.

   $ ./p dbg.l xxx/main.l lib/too.l -'pool "db/xxx/" *Dbs'

then call 'dbfMigrate' (with the same arguments as 'pool')

   : (dbfMigrate "db/xxx/" *Dbs)

I hope you made a backup of the database before ;-)

'dbfMigrate' can also be used at some later time, when you modify the db
model again (e.g. change the block sizes of some db files, or move
indices to other files). I have actually never done that, though.

- Alex

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