Hi Henrik,

sorry I am not following in your thread but I do not seem to be
getting all emails from the mailing list.  Is anybody experiencing
similar problem?

> As far as I've been able to see any kind of key is double quoted in
> the json string (so that is what happens now), at least in the
> examples I've looked at.

You are right.

> Now the question is, should we do basic objects when converting from
> json or paired lists. Basic objects are possible in that direction
> but that would then "break" with the rule of only accepting +Entity
> objects and paired lists for encoding.

> Can anyone see a scenario where the above way of getting the
> relations would not work?

I think (isa '+Relation (car Prop)) works if you use picolisp OO
concepts, it won't work in general for any object/symbol.

Restricting yourself that way can be convenient but not necessary.

> In any case, the above generates the correct output with
> {..."descr": false} at the end of the json string.

Why is "descr" as false?  Would not it be better to output:

{"name": "PC", "id": "123"}

What if you have a js gui field which validates its input and expects
true|false|undefined (as don't care or unspecified)?



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