Yes, Wiki's can be quite useful.

Getting a copy of the standard reference documentation on there would
be useful. Then we could all work on expanind it a little as the
current desciptions are quite terse in places.

Granted the fact that we have readable documentation at all is a great
boon, and a credit to the author, way too many projects out there
don't have docs worth spitting at, let alone reading.

A Cookbook of how to solve various task would probably be the next
step. At the moment my mode of operation seems to be:

 1) try to do X
 2) get stuck
 3) Ask Alex
 4) Get a response with code which is remarkably consise and uses
functions I ether didn't know existed or had completly forgotten

There seems to be a lot of cool and consise ways of doing things once
you join the dots of which sets of functions to use together : )

I certainly would consult a wiki, and do my best to contribute where
the occation arose.

P.S. how did you do the syntax highligting for lisp code? It's a
rather nice feature.



On 09/10/2008, Alexander Burger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Tomas,
>> class="i" href="?Changes">Changes</a>, w3m will interpret it as
>> It works in Firefox though, i.e. it opens
>> page as intended.
> Just tried with both w3m and firefox, and both seem to work well :-)
> Cheers,
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