Hi Konrad,

> Getting a copy of the standard reference documentation on there would
> be useful. Then we could all work on expanind it a little as the
> current desciptions are quite terse in places.

I have mixed emotions about this one.  A link to the original
documents might be enough (maybe with some elaboration in the
picoWiki) but I admit it is a pain when I need to search for something
and have to search through a few docs separately.  Maybe the search
function could search the picoWiki pages and a few external documents?

Any ideas how to implement the search functionality/algorithm?  I
wanted to get inspired by CLiki but I did not manage to download it as
the server was down.

> Granted the fact that we have readable documentation at all is a
> great boon, and a credit to the author, way too many projects out
> there don't have docs worth spitting at, let alone reading.

Yes.  And the author does not mind when we pick his brain:-)

> A Cookbook of how to solve various task would probably be the next
> step. At the moment my mode of operation seems to be:
>  1) try to do X
>  2) get stuck
>  3) Ask Alex
>  4) Get a response with code which is remarkably consise and uses
> functions I ether didn't know existed or had completly forgotten
> about.

Same here;-)

> I certainly would consult a wiki, and do my best to contribute where
> the occation arose.

That would be great.  Feel free to do that, it will take some time for
the content to get into a good shape.

> P.S. how did you do the syntax highligting for lisp code? It's a
> rather nice feature.

Well, "occasional" syntax highlighting is just a side effect.  If I
find a symbol from the ref.hmtl inside the <lisp> tag, I simply create
a link to it.  It might be possible to do more syntax highliting, like
for example paste.lisp.org does which is quite neet.

Now the code is:


(setq *Xref
   (mapcar pack '(new  sym  ...)))

(de xtok (L)
   (when (member (car L) '("(" " " "^I" "^J" "^M"))
      (let L (cdr L)
            (until (or (not L) (member (car L) '(")" " " "^I" "^J" "^M")))
               (link (car L))
               (setq L (cdr L)))))))

(de xref (L)
   (let? Tok (xtok L)
      (let Tok2 (pack Tok)
         (when (member Tok2 *Xref)
               (pack "http://www.software-lab.de/ref";
                     ((= "*" (car Tok))
                      (uppc (cadr Tok)))
                     ((member (lowc (car Tok))
                         (chop "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"))
                      (uppc (car Tok)))
                     (T "_"))
                  ".html#" Tok))))))
(de markupLisp (B)
   (let X (chop B)
      (while X
         (ifn (xref X)
            (ht:Prin (pop 'X))
            (prin (pop 'X))
            (<href> (car @) (cdr @))
            (do (length (car @)) (pop 'X))))))




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