Hi Jon,

> The test "(if (car Lst) ..." determines whether the current element is a 
> container ("hoy") or not ("inner").

Is the 'car' necessary? Otherwise a simple test of 'Lst' would suffice.

BTW, I always feel that a 'prog' is a kind of kludge, and avoid it
if possible by inverting the 'if'. Then the following would also do:

   (ifn Lst
      (prinl " />")
      (prin ">")
      (run Lst 1)
      (prinl "</" Tag ">") ) ) ) )

But perhaps this is a matter of taste.

> Since this is "pure" XML, it would seem natural to find a function like 
> this <xml> in lib/xml.l. I haven't studied the functions in that file 

Tomas also suggested this. I think it is a good idea. I would like to
let Tomas make the final decision and/or design.

- Alex

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