Hi Henrik,

> Well Thomas, I see that they used PHP in that test which means
> they're using the beloved Apache


> which I think you have bashed earlier for its forkedness etc, this

Wasn't it somebody else? ;-) Apache tries to be clever about forking,
maintaining a process pool for example or using modules to avoid
forking for each request.

> leads me to believe that it should be comparable with the PicoServer
> since they both fork and so on, correct or no?

PicoLisp is not trying to be clever in the above way.

> You think Apache is faster than the PicoServer despite all its

I don't know.  I did not make an opinion on this yet.

> bloatedness, maybe through the fact that it's compiled?

PicoLisp and its web server is mostly compiled too.  But we could
argue about that one for ever;-) That's one of the reasons I found the
discussion about Lisp in hardware interesting (link posted at the
beginning of this thread).



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