Hi Tomas,

thanks for the changes!

> I have attached the lib/xml.l with a minor change which avoids calling
> 'out' when the output file is NIL.  I found that

I think that there is a general problem with the way '<xml>' handles its
first argument:

   (de <xml> Lst
      (let Out (and Lst (atom (car Lst)) (eval (pop 'Lst) 1))

This assumes that an output channel is supplied as an atom, like

   (<xml> *Sock ...)

However, it should also be possible to say

   (<xml> (get (somExpression) 'fd)
      ... )

But this will not work.

Would it not be better to keep calls to 'out' completely out of '<xml>',
and write them separately

   (out *Sock (<xml> ...))

only if needed?

- Alex
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