Hi Randall & Alex,

>> However, centering unicode/non-ascii characters does not work.  Any
>> ideas how to achieve that?
> I would presume that you are beginning to get close to the reason
> that one often encapsulates strings into an object. You need to know
> the display length of something to center it, and that means that
> you want to know the length of the string. Without an encapsulating
> object, you need to recalculate the length often.  For most
> applications, this is quite acceptable, but if you are recalculating
> the length too often, you might consider encapsulating your strings
> into some sort of a string object.

Yes, I found
where /StringWidthRecursive calculates the on the fly.  It
encapsulates the string in an array which can contain both strings and
glyphs.  Looks a bit too complicated but probably better than going
through font metric files and computing it from there.


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