Hi Tomas,

> I have attached a prototype pdf generator pdf.l.  It can be used to
> generate pdf files directly without going through @lib/ps.l.  It is

Great! This is another thing I would have liked to do, but never found
the time. The procedure with going through PostScript is a mess (but, on
the other hand, sometimes necessary e.g. when directly printing to a
PostScript printer as we do for some customers).

Let me look at it in more detail later. To your question:

> Alex, I need to call 'lseek' function.  How could I get hold of the
> current input and output file descriptors?  I want to feed it to the
> ...

>    (fpos (ifd) 123) # set current position to 123rd byte from start of the 
> file
>    (fpos (ifd) 0 1) # get current position

Yep, implementing 'ifd' and 'ofd' (analog to 'ipid' and 'opid') would be
the right way.

For a quick solution, you can directly access the file descriptors from
within your function, via the globals 'InFile' and 'OutFile':

> ...
>    off_t z = lseek(InFile->fd, offset, whence);
> ...

- Alex
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