Hi Tomas,

> >> Alex, I need to call 'lseek' function.  How could I get hold of the

Hmm, I deliberately omitted 'lseek' from the standard system, as I think
it is useful only for very special cases.

For the PicoLisp I/O system it does not make much sense, as reading and
writing is buffered, so that an 'lseek' on the Lisp level will give
rather unpredictable results.

Also, mixing Lisp I/O functions like 'read', 'write', 'line', 'char'
etc. with the low-level functions 'rd', 'wr' and 'pr' might give
unexpected results, as the Lisp functions use, for example, a
single-char read-ahead buffer.

In fact, in cases where I needed low-level binary file I/O, I used calls
to the external 'dd' program. But this is rather clumsy.

I think it is wiser and much easier to write a separate C library for
specialized I/O.

- Alex
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