Hi Kriangkrai,

> But what if we want to mix it with expressions?
>    (let (Clr "#EEE"  Cls "xxx")
>       (pack {$<html><body style=3D"background-color:$} Clr {$">
>          <div class=3D"$} Cls {$">
>          </div>
>          </body></html>$} ))

Then it gets indeed a bit clumsy, but you can use multiple 'here's and
suitable delimiters:

(let (Clr "#EEE"  Cls "xxx")
   (here "<1>")
   (prin Clr)
   (here "<2>")
   (prin Cls)
   (here) )
<html><body style="background-color:<1>
"> <div class="<2>
"> </div>

I see this is not really equivalent, as it lets you not directly write
the text inline, and also does not allow operations on the strings like
'pack' in your example, but I feel that the unescaped strings are not
the right thing to put into general purpose. Would it be OK if I include
only your #{span comment}# into the standard distribution?

- Alex
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