Hi Alex,

I don't have the specifics in my head, but it complains that it cannot
find *darwin*.s files.
And when I just try "as linux.*.s" I get a lot of error messages.  I
haven't looked deeper
yet, but the "as" may be tuned somehow for Mac - it is GNU "as", but .....

I'll take a closer look this evening and let you know (post my findings her=

 - Rand

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 9:46 AM, Alexander Burger<a...@software-lab.de> wrot=
> Hi Randall,
>> I tried to compile the 64 bit version on my macbook yesterday - no
>> joy. I think I have to create the /usr/bin/picolisp and
>> /usr/lib/picolisp links to the 32 bit version and then create the .s
>> files. =C2=A0I didn't get that far yet.
> This should not be necessary. The .s files are in the release already,
> so calling 'make' should only invoke the GNU assembler.
> Only if you modify one of the "src64/*.l" files, you need a runnable
> "bin/picolisp" (no matter if 32 or 64 bits) to re-create the *.s files.
> Thus, a bootstrapping without a pre-installed PicoLisp should work.
> Cheers,
> - Alex
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