Hi Randall,

> I don't have the specifics in my head, but it complains that it cannot
> find *darwin*.s files.

Ah, yes, sorry! This makes sense. "Makefile" looks at the system.

I don't know how similar Darwin is to Linux. Perhaps we should start
with copying the file

   src64/x86-64.linux.base.s -> src64/x86-64.darwin.base.s
   src64/x86-64.linux.ext.s -> src64/x86-64.darwin.ext.s

and try 'make' again (the 'ext' is not really necessary, but "Makefile"
wants to see it).

If it works, the corresponding sources

   src64/sys/linux.defs.l  -> src64/sys/darwin.defs.l
   src64/sys/linux.code.l -> src64/sys/darwin.code.l

should be copied, and adjusted as necessary. I made a simple C program
that displays the 'defs' on the actual system, I'll send it to you if

- Alex
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