Hi Randall,

thanks for the research!

I can't believe that there is only such a crippled assembler on the Mac.
Alignment was in the earliest assemblers in the 1970s ;-)

> equiv -> .set

Not really satisfactory, because I would like to have an error
message if there is a re-definition.

> align -> .space

Won't help. 'align' is a different operation, aligning to a multiple of
a given value.

> string -> .ascii   (check the syntax ...)

Could work, but needs an explicit zero-byte.

>    mov      $Nil, %rbx
> ??    leaq Nil(%rip),%rbx

This might involve many places. On the other hand, it could produce
tighter code.

> Alex, compare hello.s:
> globl _a
>         .data
>         .align 2

Here we have '.align'?

> Otherwise, I think it might assemble.

But I'm rather sure it will not run. Probably the C function call
conventions will be utterly different, considering this 32/64 bit

So the Mac OS is basically still a 32-bit operating system, with some
64-bit facilities. Should we be better wait for Snow Leopard?

- Alex
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