Hi Henrik,

> In the top section of my main I have this:
> (setq *Blob (pack *BP "blob/")) where *BP is my base path.


> I've seen so far. Code which is using +BlobField or blob! To me it
> seems you need to pass some kind of file name, for instance in the
> ...
> However I simply want to do like this: (put> Article 'body "a really
> long text here, not a file...") and have the text end up in an
> automatically generated blob file.

Yes, that's right. These are pre-cooked classes and functions.

To do it manually, you need two steps:

   (out (blob Article 'body)
      (prinl "a really long text") )
   (put!> Article 'body T)

If you put 'NIL' instead of 'T', the blob is deleted. It will be removed
the next time by 'dbgc'. Alternatively you could remove it immediately:

   (call 'rm (blob Article 'body))
   (put!> Article 'body NIL)

- Alex
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