On Sun, 6 Sep 2009, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi all,

this morning I finished the implementation of the last remaining


function in the 64-bit version (it was 'commit', btw)! Now the 64-bit

I don't see it in the repo, maybe you forgot to _push_?

version should be compatible to the 32-bit version.

As we left off for a family trip for the rest of the day, I did not much
testing yet. In fact, the whole version underwent only a few smoke-tests
so far. During the next weeks want to see how much is working, and
whether we detect serious problems.

So "complete" does not mean "finished". But if it turns out not too bad,
I'll make it "official", and increment the picoLisp version to 3.0 with
the next release at the end of this month.

If anybody dares: It is available in the current testing release :-)

/me checks it out

- Alex
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