Dear Taoufik,

> taoufik-dachraouis-imac:picoLisp-2.3.7 taoufik$ ./dbg lib/http.l lib/ 
> xhtml.l lib/form.l -'server 8080 "/Users/taoufik/workspace/picolisp/ 
> project.l"'
> 4664 SIG-10
> 4666 SIG-10

hmm, this doesn't look nice ;-)

>From the prompt "...-imac:" I guess that you are running this on a
Macintosh. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of difficulties
compiling PicoLisp on the Mac recently. I myself don't have a Mac, so I
cannot be of much help. But other people here in the mailing list
reported problems, too.

These problems seem to be related to the loading of shared object files.
In the case of the HTTP server, this is probably "lib/ht" (compiled from
"src/ht.c"). I'm still hoping somebody with a Mac could debug this and
send me information about what exactly goes wrong. What we observed so
far is that after loading such a shared lib parts of the memory seem to
be trashed.

It could be a problem of the right compiler and/or linker flags in
"Makefile". These changed frequently on the Mac, most notably the

        export MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.???

where nobody seems to know what exactly needs to be used here.

Do you think you can find out more?

Many thanks,
- Alex

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